According to the health officials of the state, the number of a fatal drug overdose in Ohio has plummeted for the very first time since the year 2009. This is a milestone surpassed by the state against the ongoing war with the epidemic of deadly addictions.

The Ohio Department of Health released some preliminary figures that show that the number of overdose cases has dropped by 22% since the previous year. Another substantial data was released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Ohio, which showed that the level of decrease of the overdose cases decreased four times more than 5% decrease that took place on the national level.

The Health Department’s medical director, Dr. Mark Hurts said to Columbus Dispatch that he has been certainly inspired and encouraged by the reduction in the rate of the overdose cases but added that the work of the department is far away from being over.

Accidental death in the state by fatal drug overdose has surpassed the death caused due to car crash at the beginning of the year 2007. This signaled the irrevocable impact of the painkillers, which later included fentanyl and heroin consumption as well.

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