On Monday, students from more than 200 high schools in Hong Kong skipped first day of their classes to join a citywide protest following a weekend of intense demonstrations.

The school students wore googles, hard hats and gas masks while the university students gathered at the Chinese University, holding signs and making speeches against an extradition bill as well as accused police brutality.

As per Jacky So, President of Student Union, Chinese University, 30,000 students were present at the rally on the campus. They were wearing black and had face masks on, waving the signs for the student association as well as black signs having ‘Strike’ Chinese character.

On the other hand, the high school students that skipped their classes rallied at Edinburgh Place.

According to Kevin Yeung, Education Secretary of Hong Kong, he hoped that the students would remain in the class. The schools shouldn’t be used as a place for exercising pressure or political demands, he further said.

The demands of the protestors include withdrawing charges against over 1,000 individuals that have been taken under custody and formally dropping the controversial extradition bill.

Notably, clashes between the protestors and police have become extremely violent over the recent days. As per the protestors, a scale of violence becomes necessary in order to get the attention of the government after the peaceful rallies turned out to be futile.

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