Churches are renowned for drawing large audiences. For Sunday services, bible studies, and even community outreach initiatives, most churches gather once a week, if not more often. How can a church continue to operate now that governmental regulations are in force? How still do they communicate with one another? and with their neighbourhood? Even better, how do they assist individuals in these circumstances?

We spoke with Kelly Adkins from Grace Church to learn more about how they are navigating these new seas and why they choose to fundraise via Real Thread’s t-shirt platform, Campaigns. Discover how they utilised the proceeds from their successful over $5,000 Christian t-shirt campaign in partnership with  to spread hope.

How did the Covid-19 pandemic impact Grace Church?

It would be far simpler to provide a realistic list of how this has not impacted us! Overnight, it changed how we interact with our workers and treat our customers practically. Before this, Grace did not even have Livestream services, so instead of expecting our usual seven-weekend services in 3 places at noon on a Friday, we had to write, produce, edit, and promote an online experience that debuted at 10 am on that Sunday. Every ministry plan has been completely rewritten so that we may help people in every possible manner.

However, it has not had an impact on us. We are and always will be people of Grace. Because of our religion, we still have the same mission and uphold the house rules that govern our Church.

How does it feel to connect with your church family at this time? How do you facilitate connections among people?

How we can assist our people and our community without physically congregating together was a major problem from the beginning since it is the nature of the Church to congregate. The solution was to keep coming together for the same goal while doing it in other ways, including via internet content, communities, and service.

At the time of the debut, hundreds of families watched our online weekend experience and participated in the live conversation. We have also moved many of our seminars and groups online, and we use social media to provide daily instruction, encouragement, and entertainment to the whole Church. We also devised fresh tactics, such as 15-minute prayer and counselling calls and online meet-ups after the messaging.

We also began phoning every individual in our database right away, thousands upon thousands of people, to see how they were doing and to provide encouragement. We threw open the virtual portals and offered our assistance.

What motivated Grace Church to launch a fundraising campaign using  Christian t-shirts?

Service has been a significant method for Grace to unite throughout this period. We used the proceed from our initial sales to give back to the community. We immediately decided to serve our community and support financially struggling families. Taking care of healthcare professionals is one way we have accomplished this. We have regularly provided meals and doughnuts to the ICUs, ERs, and support personnel. Soon, we will also be making break room baskets. It felt like a perfect match to support that movement when Real Thread began campaigns.

How will everyone utilise the money from selling the shirts to give back to the community?

The funds are already in use! It only touches on a small amount of what Grace has been able to do so far during this crisis, like providing food and petrol to struggling families, ensuring that individuals get their medications, and even fixing a vehicle for a single mother. Additionally, as previously said, delivering many hot meals to the medical staff.

What effects have the money had on the neighbourhood?

The ICU units have shown us a tonne of gratitude for being seen and treated practically at a stressful time. We provide service to a unit that specialises in providing last-chance life support, and they offer us reports on the number of people they have managed to save and release from their care. So uplifting!

Why was the message Good Is Ahead created?

Our Church has adopted the phrase “Good Is Ahead” as a rallying cry. Since we have faith in God, good is always ahead for us, no matter what; our Senior Pastor, Mike Adkins, had been preaching to us for almost a year before this crisis began. He ends every service with it, and we are trademarking this statement to serve as our ministry’s catchall.

Why do you believe that your Church and your supporters receive this message so well?

I believe it resonates with everyone! Everyone wants to tell others that good things are coming and wants to believe that wonderful things are coming. We need hope more than anything right now.

How did you inform your members and other supporters about your t-shirt campaign? ‍

Throughout the 14 days, we often marketed the Campaign through Facebook, Instagram, and targeted emails.

Can you explain how to create and use a URL redirect from your website to the page for your Christian t-shirt campaign?

We set up a redirect to drive visitors to the Real Thread campaign page from our website . Since individuals are already acquainted with our URL, it made it simpler for them to remember how to access the website. We use WordPress for our website, and the Quick Redirects free plugin makes creating them simple.

You have printed shirts like these before. How do you believe this advanced the Campaign?

Last October, We did print this unique artwork. We distributed roughly 300 of them to volunteers who helped us on a significant autumn start weekend. The fact that these t-shirts had already been created helped us get it out there fast, but considering how many of our people already possessed one, I believe we might have sold more shirts if we had introduced them during the Campaign.

What suggestions would you make if you could help another church raise money via t-shirt sales?

Go with a constructive approach. Be happy and hopeful. You may strengthen a link if you can make it a term already ingrained in your Church’s culture, such as a value statement or common doctrine. Also, be sure to explain how you are going to use the money before doing so. Even before the Campaign was over, we continued to show how the money was being used by posting pictures and tales on social media.

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