How Sendoso is redefining the way businesses engage with their customers?

As shared on an exclusive podcast with Kris Rudeegraap, CEO of Sendoso.

Customer loyalty is the cornerstone of a company’s success.

Kris Rudeegraap is the CEO of Sentoso. He has over 10 years of software sales experience. His observation and the itch to break the mammoth task of sending emails paved the way for Sendoso to launch.

Sendoso is one of the leading broadcasting platforms that enables brands to engage with their customers throughout the buyer’s journey. With a strong presence in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, Sendoso is rated # 1 broadcast platform by G2, the largest software marketplace

Kris started discussing his trip and the idea of ​​starting Sendoso. He went on to explain the various parameters they are considering to optimize their marketing funnel.

Kris stated that he believed that continued engagement is the key to greater customer loyalty, which is the cornerstone of measuring a company’s success. He also talks about how tools like push notifications and email are used to keep users engaged. He sheds light on the types of data that can be used for this purpose, while also discussing the various channels of engagement.

As the discussion continued, Kris shared his insights into the impact of the pandemic and how companies started using digital channels for meetings, engaging with customers, understanding them, and redirecting them back to the platforms.

Kris went on to explain in detail how brands use Sendoso to implement strategic sending for their customers, be it a prospect, a new customer, or a thank you to their loyal customers. He went on to explain how Sendoso is used in the company to improve employee morale. A brand can integrate Sendoso and send e-gifts or physical gifts and goodies through the network of various retailers, which can be sent to over 165 countries.

The conversation ended with Kris explaining how Sendoso has various programs to help merchants and vendors work together, reach a wider customer base, and grow each other.

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