Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s father has died of coronavirus. Ilhan announced last night stating that her father had died of coronavirus.

“It is with tremendous sadness and pain that I share that my father, Nur Omar Mohamed, passed away due to complications from COVID-19. No words can describe what he meant to me and all who knew him,” Omar said in a statement.


Omar and her father emigrated to the US in 1995 after living in a Kenyan refugee camp in Kenya. They had fled to the Kenyan refugee camp fleeing civil war from their country in Somalia. She was elected to the Congress last year becoming the first Muslim congresswoman.

Omar has kept on warning people that the pandemic is not over.

The pandemic is not over. Stay vigilant. When protesting or volunteering, keep at least six-foot distance from others when possible, wear a mask, wash or sanitize your hands, and consider getting tested for #COVID19. And do not go if you have symptoms!” she wrote on June 14.

The United States is the most affected country. Coronavirus has claimed more than 116,000 lives. Even though massive progress has been made to compact the virus, it’s still spreading. It’s said to be very dangerous to people with compromised immune systems and the elderly.

Progress in dealing with COVID-19

Scientists have made breakthroughs in dealing with the deadly virus. Surgeons from the Northwest Memorial Hospital in Chicago successfully carried out a double lung transplant to a lady whose lungs had completely been ravaged by coronavirus. Doctors from the hospital noted that the woman would not be alive today if the surgery was not done.

Dr. Ankit Bharat a surgeon from Northwest Memoria hospital said in a press conference that the young lady was in a stable condition.

“The patient is in stable condition and improving every day. While she still has a long road ahead of her, I’m extremely hopeful that she’s going to make a full recovery,” he noted.

Scientists from other research institutions and universities are also looking for a possible cure. Hospitals are already using Dexamethasone. Despite the drug being cheap, it has proven to be effective be improving the risk of death for patients on ventilators from 40% to 28%. 

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