Indiana health officials confirmed the first positive case of coronavirus in the state Friday morning. Gov. Eric Holcomb declared a public health emergency in response.

The patient is an adult male in Indianapolis who recently traveled to Boston.

Indiana State Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box said during the morning press conference that the individual is currently in self-isolation and stressed that it is “an isolated case at this time.”

Box also commended the individual and the hospital for “doing everything possible to limit exposure,” as the patient called ahead to the hospital and waited in the parking lot until health care providers could put on the proper precautionary outfits and retrieve him. He was then taken into an isolation room. At no time were other caregivers or patients exposed to the man, officials said.

The patient exhibited a low-grade fever and was developing a cough when he came to the hospital, Box said during the press event.

“We can expect to see other cases in Indiana in the future,” she said, though she emphasized that the state is “prepared for that possibility” and encouraged all “Hoosiers to educate themselves about COVID-19.”

Currently, Box said the state has tested 12 individuals and is monitoring 35 others, all of whom are quarantined. However, none of them are confirmed cases at this time.

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