Glossier, Chief Exec Sorry Over Alleged Racism in Workplace

Glossier apologizes over allegations of workplace misconduct among former retail employees. Personal care company Glossier, along with its chief exec, is apologizing to ex-employees over allegations of misconduct. Acknowledgement of Problem On Monday, the company took to Instagram its statement to acknowledge the claims of former retail workers of experiencing […]

James Murdoch Departs From His Family’s News Empire

Rupert Murdoch’s youngest son is leaving News Corp over “editorial disagreements” Rupert Murdoch’s youngest son is resigning from News Corp’s board of directors for reasons of editorial “disagreements.” He had previously left Fox Corporation while remaining on the board, until Friday’s announcement of his resignation. It was reported that his […]

Nike’s Colin Kaepernick-Inspired Jersey Reportedly Sold Out as Soon as Released

Nike’s new Colin Kaepernick-inspired all-black jersey, in commemoration of his peaceful protest kneeling four years ago, managed to sold out in less than a minute. Nike released on Thursday an all-black jersey commemorating Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling four years ago. The stance, which the former quarterback of the 49ers did during […]

JPMorgan Chase Dismisses Employees Possibly Involved in Misuse of Relief Funds for Small Businesses

JPMorgan Chase & Co. said that it discovered several employees possibly involved in the misuse of financial relief funds. A large American bank has discovered that several of its staff received COVID-19 funds dedicated to suffering businesses amid the pandemic. Bloomberg reported that a person familiar with the matter said […]

Amazon Now Labels Products Meeting Sustainability Standards

Retail giant Amazon announced the Climate Pledge Friendly initiative to help environment-conscious consumers determine if products are sustainable through its 18 certifications. E-commerce behemoth Amazon introduces a program that would help its customers know if a product is sustainable. The company also said it partnered with 18 certifications to identify […]

Nikola Founder Receives Complaints of Alleged Sexual Assaults From Two Women

Two women filed a complaint against founder and former Nikola executive Trevor Milton over allegations of sexual assaults during their teens. Trevor Milton, founder and former executive chairman for Nikola Motors, received complaints alleging him of sexual assault towards the two women. The complainants, whom one remained anonymous, accused Milton […]

LEGO Packaging to Be Replaced with Recyclable Paper as Part of Toymaker’s Green Efforts

LEGO’s parent company pledges to replace packaging of the popular puzzle blacks with recyclable papers rather than single-use plastic, as inspired by children’s requests. The LEGO Group joins a growing number of companies that promise efforts to go green by aiming to abandon single-use plastics. This week, the toymaker intends […]