A US Report Relates the Devastating Impact of Climate Change to the Economy

A federal body reported last week that climate change could severely affect the economy. The report, conducted by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, suggested that the effects of the wildfires across the US could potentially harm the country’s economy. Climate Change vs. Economic Sustainability On September 9, the CFTC, a […]

Airline Group Doctor Suggests Carriers Team-Up with Authorities to Boost Testing Among Passengers

A top doctor for a body consisting of airline companies suggested that the aviation industry not only wait for a vaccine. Carriers should partner with regulators to boost testing among passengers, the medical adviser recommended.  The Suffering Airline Industry Airline companies suffer in the pandemic, with the demand for air […]

Facebook Gives Staff Paid Time off to Encourage Volunteering in Polling Stations

On Friday, the Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg announced that employees could have a paid time off on Election Day. The tech giant joined a growing list of companies making a similar decision. In addition, it also launched a recruitment drive for polling volunteers. Wanted: Poll Volunteers On November 3, […]