Here’s what’s in the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran that Trump abandoned and Biden is vying to restore

President Joe Biden and Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.Mandel Ngan/Getty Images Biden has made restoring the 2015 Iran nuclear deal a top foreign policy goal. Trump withdrew from the deal in May 2018, pushing tensions with Iran to historic heights. An effort to revive the deal is stalled. Visit […]

Matt Gaetz Tells Tucker Carlson It’s ‘North Korea-Style’ to Stand for Zelensky

Fox News Florida Republican congressman Matt Gaetz insisted Thursday that had he joined the vast majority of his colleagues in standing and applauding Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky before his speech to lawmakers Wednesday, it would have been a “North Korea-style” act. Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show, the right-wing representative was […]

Russian convicts recruited to fight in Ukraine were warned they’d be shot if they deserted. One who did was returned to Russia — and was killed with a sledgehammer instead.

A mural praises the Russian Wagner group and its mercenaries fighting in Ukraine on March 30, 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia.Pierre Crom/Getty Images Convicts and mercenaries have been recruited to help fight Russia’s war in Ukraine. One convict recruited to the Wagner group deserted and turned himself in to Ukrainian forces. […]