Alice Veglio is an Italian model and entrepreneur with an international scope. Currently resident in Dubai, Alice developed a new approach where she joined financial and fitness skills together.

Her courageous and combative mentality has led her to reach increasingly essential goals. The last one was creating her branded startup, called Bright & Fit, in 2018. Alice based the company on a business model very attentive to feminine empowerment. It provides a strong integration of exercise aspects, maintaining the right mental balance and a correct nutrition approach.

Interview with Alice Veglio, Italian Model and Entrepreneur

Thanks to her digital skills, Alice Veglio brought her startup 100% online, creating a positive impact on thousands of women’s lives.

The startup Bright & Fit reached last year alone a turnover of more than 500,000 euro. Besides, it has formed a community of over 15,000 women.

Below, I present a brief interview with Alice, thanks to which you can better know the genesis of her entrepreneurial project.

What pushed you to create your startup?

Alice Veglio: I was pushed to create my startup by a need that I experienced on my skin. In my mind, I wanted to create something that went beyond just work, to become a kind of mission. When you are aware of what you wish to, the events are chained together with a crazy acceleration to leave you almost breathless!

Can you tell us more about the mission behind Bright & Fit?

Alice Veglio: The mission that inspired my activity from the beginning was to allow as many women as possible to regain consistent well-being. Unfortunately, we live in a society that confuses the concept of wellness with that of aesthetics. In doing so, the inculcated lifestyles are not so healthy and not up to our potential.

Can you share with us an episode of your life that has somehow shaped your entrepreneurial vision?

Alice Veglio: Life itself is short and full of surprises. One episode that turned out to be a real turning point happened when I was 15 years old when I was diagnosed with severe spinal rotation. The doctors told me that I would be destined for immobility. I saw this shock as a challenge to myself, and I had the motivation to overcome my limitations and live a free and fulfilled life.  Leveraging my willpower, I successfully began my career in the fashion industry as a model. Fortunately, I have a family is always supporting me, even in the most challenging moments. I learned to place an absolute value on quality of life beyond the fictitious values.

Is there a message you want to send to our readers, a tip, or a reflection?

Alice Veglio: I want to convey a message of awareness to the female audience: physical activity performed to have sculpted abs and overly strict diets are not enough to make us happy. We must use tools and knowledge that allow us to develop external beauty and inner physical balance. We need to achieve a proper psychophysical and nutritional balance without getting caught up in guilt. Women who have joined the Bright & Fit Community have developed a 360-degree holistic approach to wellness; hence I coined the definition of my activity as holistic fitness.

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