A protest against the government in Iraq that descended into violence killed almost 40 people in the process. Two of the people who died were reportedly by the canisters of tear gas, which was fired by the security forces in the capital state of the country –Baghdad.

While the protestors were trying to storm the offices of the government and the militia groups, they were killed. The demand of the protestors is for better jobs, more public services, and for the corruption to end. More than 2,000 people protesting across the entire country were wounded, according to the statement of a security source.

Similar protests were held in the country earlier this month, which were brutally put to an end by the security forces, in which about 150 people were found dead. According to the report of the government, the authorities have implemented excessive vigour in order to quell the unrest.

A day ago the Prime Minister of Iraq, Adel Abdul Mahdi, who had taken over the office a year ago, warned all the protestors that any form of violence would not be put up with. He has assured of the reshuffling of the cabinet and a few other reforms to address the demands of the protestors; however, many continue to remain unconvinced.

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