Maropost is one of the best email marketing solutions providers for businesses of all sizes. The company is providing businesses of all sizes in all industries with powerful and easy to use enterprise-grade software solutions to help them scale their sales and marketing.

Under the leadership of Ross Andrew Paquette, Maropost has gone from $300,000 to millions in revenue without raising any capital. By following Paquette’s footsteps, you can also help your business grow and compete with the already established companies. Here is how Maropost’s CEO, Ross Andrew Paquette, has helped grow by over 12,000% in five years.

Maropost success story in a nutshell

There are many more digital marketing companies available, and you may be wondering which one among them is the best for your business. The company you want to offer you a helping hand in your email marketing must itself be successful. A company that is still struggling to increase its brand awareness is less likely to be beneficial to your business.

You should work with professionals that know what they are doing and what will work for your business. There is no need to spend your money on a company that won’t be beneficial to your business. Before outsourcing your digital marketing services, you should make sure the company is already successful in marketing itself.

The reason why Maropost was ranked no. 10 on the 2019 Growth 500 is that the company focused heavily on product quality. According to Maropost’s CEO, the company strives to be innovative to be able to remain competitive.

One thing that Maropost does to ensure its continuous growth is making sure it is getting new customers while maintaining the existing ones. The company is able to turn every new customer into a loyal customer. It focuses on product quality and effective marketing.

Many startups are producing quality products, but that means nothing to them because very few people know about them. Brand awareness and visibility are essential for every company that wants to be competitive. Producing quality products alone will not help you beat your competitors. You need to make your potential customers aware of your existence.

Once you get your first few customers, you should focus on making them loyal. Making sure you are not losing any of your customers as you strive to expand your market reach is the only way to ensure growth.

How to keep your customers –  the Maropost way

No matter the size of your business, customer loyalty is very important. According to recent studies, repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers. Keeping the customers you are already doing business with is also ten times easier than attracting new customers. Here are some few tips from Maropost that will help you create and keep up customer loyalty:

1. Set up ways to communicate with your customers

Communication is key for Maropost

Frequent communication with your customers is the only way to keep your brand fresh in their minds and pass the information they want to hear about it. It is through your interaction with your customers that you will be able to know the products and features they are looking for when making purchases. Communicating with your customers and providing them with troubleshooting tips when they experience difficulty in using your products can help increase their trust and loyalty to your business.

You don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars to set up the infrastructure you need to communicate with your customers, you can outsource some services. Maropost can offer a helping hand to your business on email marketing.

2. Provide great customer service

Customers remember how they were treated and can make decisions on whether to end their relationship with your business based on the service they last got from you. According to recent studies, about 51 percent of customers will end their relationship with a business if they are not happy with the services they are receiving.

Customers will also talk about your services with their friends and family. If you provide your customers with excellent customer service, they will encourage their friends and family to do business with you.

3. Provide extra perks for loyal customers

Giving extra perks to your loyal customers is a great way to show them that you appreciate their loyalty. All customers love getting something extra. You should set up a reward system for your loyal customers to encourage them to continue doing business with you. Some of the things that you can do to appreciate your loyal customers include the ability to skip the line and immediate seating.

4. Give your customers a reason to be loyal

Do you want to convert every new customer you get to a loyal customer that your business can depend on? They need a reason as to why they should stick with you. Communication, promotions, discounts, and great customer service can help convert most of your new customers to be loyal to your business.

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