In an SEC filing, the toy giant Mattel reports suffering a ransomware attack last June 28, although no damage was done.

Every big company is at risk of a cyberattack. Toy giant Mattel said it had suffered a ransomware attack last June 28. According to an SEC filing, the company said the attack locked up data on their systems. 

Mattel Attack

Gizmodo reports that Mattel did not get any damage. Instead, Mattel reacted right away. The company stopped the attack and returned to work. Other attacks did more damage. This year, a Netwalker ransomware stole $25 million from victims. In Germany, another attack killed a patient in a hospital.  

No Damage

In the report, Mattel said the attack did not steal sensitive data. These data reveal customers, suppliers, or employees. Moreover, the attack did not impact Mattel’s money. 

US Ransomware Attacks

This year, the US has received 145.2 million ransomware attacks. According to HelpNetSecurity, the US saw a 139% year-over-year increase. Moreover, the malware Ryuk has attacked 67.3 million machines this year. Ryuk is the world’s most popular ransomware.

If you’re under attack, you can go to the website NoMoreRansom for help. The site helps out companies solve attacks before they cause huge problems. However, other companies are not so lucky. Some lose their sensitive data forever. The rest pay the ransom.

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