McDonald’s tried to block ousted CEO’s efforts of dismissing the company’s lawsuit in August.

McDonald’s tries to block the efforts of its former chief executive to drop the lawsuit filed against him. The fast-food giant previously sued Steve Easterbrook, who led the fast-food giant from 2015 to 2019, for having sexual links with several employees during his time.

McDonald’s vs. Ousted Chief

On Monday, McDonald’s made a new filing that seeks Easterbrook to address the case in court. Last month, the former chief attempted to trash McDonald’s previous lawsuit, which involved returning his severance package.

Last year, the company kicked out Easterbrook from the chief executive post. However, he received a severance package totaling tens of millions of dollars. The burger company removed him “without cause.”

McDonald's said its investigation of ex-CEO Steve Easterbrook includes whether he covered up improprieties by other employees alongside allegations of potential misconduct within the HR department.

Posted by The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, August 25, 2020

His removal comes after his admission of having a “consensual relationship with an employee.” He pointed out his move as wrong. 

In August, upon receiving a tip, the fast-food giant launched an internal probe. It consequently found how Easterbrook allegedly lied in earlier investigations.

McDonald’s has filed a lawsuit against Easterbrook for alleged tampering with the investigation. The company accused him of covering up his tracks of having relations with other McDonald’s employees. The fast-food giant said it has evidence of such claims. Easterbrook’s compensation for his departure was estimated to be worth more than $57 million.

Easterbrook’s Attempt Of Dismissing McDonald’s lawsuit

When Easterbrook tried to block McDonald’s original lawsuit, which seeks him to pay the severance wage upon his exit, his case suggested that the hamburger firm had the evidence since his ousting in 2019.

The ousted chief’s attorney slammed McDonald’s lawsuit as “meritless and misleading,” saying it is “in the wrong forum.”

McDonald’s Filing of the Lawsuit

In the counter to Easterbrook’s request for dismissal, McDonald’s said that his reason does not suffice to drop the company’s case against him.

In the filing quoted by Business Insider, it indicated: “After discovery, on a full factual record, Easterbrook can attempt to argue that McDonald’s should have investigated differently and uncovered his deceit sooner.”

The company claimed that Easterbrook violated the policies of McDonald’s and disrespected its values. Telling Business Insider, McDonald’s also stated that the ousted chief “lied.”

“His argument that he should not be held responsible for even repeated bad acts is morally bankrupt and fails under the law.”

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