For long, Motorola was dealing with devices that were designed for the average budget users with prices never going beyond the mark of $500. However, this era is about to end as Motorola promises to get back to its era of premium phones with prices that will surely reflect the same.

According to Francoise LaFlamme, the Lead Marketing Strategist for Motorola’s Global Market mentioned that the brand is awaiting the launch of its latest 5G phone which is a premium device to enter the market.

This 5G device won’t come cheap. However, Motorola hasn’t shared the price for this device as of now. Its closest competitor, Samsung’s cheapest version of the 5G phone with triple-camera named Galaxy A90 5G comes at a price tag of $800. On the other hand, OnePlus 7 Pro 5G is out for $840.

LaFlamme also mentioned that putting out a 5G phone price at $399 will require sacrificing elements that are valued by buyers. Today, for $300 you can get the Moto G7 at a budget price. The Motorola One Zoom comes at the price tag of $450. However, the price range ends at $500 for Motorola devices. It is highly likely that the Motorola 5G Premium phone shall be available at a price tag higher or at least close to $800.

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