With so many streaming options today, you might find it a chore just looking for something to watch. Instead of spending a few hours relaxing, you’ll spend hours stressing out looking for a show or movie. But now, it seems Netflix recognized this problem. The streaming giant might have a solution. 

Netflix’s “Shuffle Play”

Similar to music streaming, Netflix is planning to let you “shuffle” your streaming content. The company has begun trials of a “Shuffle Play” button to take away the burden of finding a good show from subscribers. You can see the button on the profiles screen. With “Shuffle Play,” Netflix will show you content that it believes you would like. Tech Crunch says this content shows you’re already watching, an entry in your list, or a title similar to something you’ve watched.

What Can I Do with “Shuffle Play”?

Engadget reports that clicking the “Shuffle Play” button will make the algorithm choose shows or movies for you. If you like the choice, that’s good. But even if you don’t, at least you’re not spending hours scrolling Netflix instead of watching something. Also, you might stumble upon a hidden Netflix gem. 

Can I Use Netflix’s “Shuffle Play” Now?

If you’re excited to try out Netflix’s “Shuffle Play,” you should know that it’s only available in the TV apps of selected members worldwide. However, you may already recognize this new feature in Netflix’s past efforts. In 2019, the company put in a “random episode” button that plays an episode from your shows. Netflix has also installed a “play something” button on its sidebar menu. In time, all users around the world might be able to “Shuffle Play.” 

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