There may be hope that humans can build immune responses to COVID-19. A recent study suggests that COVID-19 antibodies could last at least four months. 

Antibodies Against COVID-19

Published Tuesday, the study examined blood samples from 30,000 people in Iceland. This number represents under 10% of the country’s total population. Also, the researchers included 4,000 samples with COVID-19. They also studied blood from people who got exposed to infected patients. 

The researchers tested the samples to check whether they made antibodies against COVID-19.

Antibody Research Results

After the study, the experts found that the COVID-19 survivors’ antibody levels stayed high up to four months since infection. Around 1% of the country had gotten COVID-19 in the first outbreak, which slowed down in April.

Some studies did show that antibodies last for just two months, but their sample sizes were small. Other studies that looked at large sample sizes support the Iceland research’s findings.

One study took samples from around 20,000 people in New York City. Since the pandemic, New York had suffered the brunt of the deaths. The survivors there produced antibodies that lasted for three months. This result means that antibodies can last for four months. 

COVID-19 in Iceland

COVID-19 didn’t hit Iceland as severely as other nations. Currently, there are only 2,000 cases in the country. Out of the 2,000, there are 100 active cases. So far, only ten people have died. 

Meanwhile, the US has just breached 6 million cases, with a death toll of over 180,000. 

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