Two women filed a complaint against founder and former Nikola executive Trevor Milton over allegations of sexual assaults during their teens.

Trevor Milton, founder and former executive chairman for Nikola Motors, received complaints alleging him of sexual assault towards the two women. The complainants, whom one remained anonymous, accused Milton of doing the crime when they were in teens.

Filing of Complaints

While one of the accusers remained anonymous, the other identified as Aubrey Smith. Smith was Milton’s cousin. The complaints alleged Milton of sexual assaults towards the victims when they were 15 years old at different years. 

The women filed their complaints in the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake in Utah over the weekend. In a confirmation to CNN, Sergeant Melody Cutler said the department received a sexual assault complaint against Milton. Meanwhile, the other woman, who kept her identity secret, filed her complaint on St. George, Utah Police Department, Friday. 


Smith claimed that Milton groped her in 1999 after a family funeral outside of Salt Lake City, CNBC reported. She added that she tried to forget the incident for the last 16 years. “I kind of put that whole scenario of memory in a dark place, locked it up, and tried to just forget about it.”

Moreover, CNBC reports an interview with a friend of the other complainant who claimed aware of Milton’s alleged assault. “I don’t think I knew the details, but I knew that he had sexually made moves on her,” she told CNBC.

Accusations and Allegations

Meanwhile, Milton denied the accusations, dubbing the complaints as false allegations, a spokesperson said. Moreover, the spokesperson added that the 38-year-old entrepreneur had never committed inappropriate physical contact with anyone, CNN reports.

Actually, the complaint arrived a week after Milton departed from Nikola’s board earlier this month. His move came as short seller Hindenburg Research accused Nikola of fraud. Particularly, Hindenburg called out the six-year-old startup as a fraud.

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