The ex-wife of the wealthiest man on Earth just became the richest woman on Bloomberg’s Billionaire index. Novelist and philanthropist MacKenzie Scott also became the 12th richest person in the world on Thursday.

Richest Woman

On that day, Scott surpassed the heiress to L’Oreal, Françoise Bettencourt Meyers. Around that time, the American Book Award recipient had an estimated net worth of $68 billion, making Meyers nearly $2 billion poorer.

Last year, Scott divorced Amazon chief exec Jeff Bezos, who is also the richest man on Earth. This multi-billion dollar parting had earned Scott 25 percent of Bezos’s stake in the e-commerce giant. That is equivalent to a 4 percent stake in Amazon worth over $35 billion.

Stocks for Amazon rose by about 28 percent in the last three months, buoying the fortune of both Bezos and Scott.

Helping Different Causes

Previously, Scott took part in the Giving Pledge, an initiative founded by Bill and Melinda Gates with Warren Buffett. The Giving Pledge encourages rich people to donate a huge portion of their wealth for philanthropy. CNN Business further reported that Scott said she also gave away over $1 billion to more than 100 organizations. Among those groups include causes tackling racial justice, LGBTQ rights, and climate change, among others.

The Billionaire’s Club of the Tech World

Just recently, other top billionaires in Bloomberg’s list that are related to tech companies also made news for their changing fortune. Earlier in August, Tim Cook, the chief executive of the $2 trillion-tech company Apple, just became a billionaire. He is said to be one of the rare executives to reach that status without being a company founder.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk just kept on climbing the list alongside the continued rally of Tesla’s stock. He even came to the point of surpassing Facebook’s chief in the billionaires ranking, thanks to his electric vehicle company that became even more valuable than other huge carmaker brands, like Toyota.

And despite facing the congress alongside Cook and Google’s CEO for alleged anti-competitive issues, Mark Zuckerberg and Bezos reached new highs as well. The Facebook founder was hailed a centi-billionaire while Bezos was the first person with an estimated wealth to surpass the $2 trillion mark.

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