Kanye West is in trouble again. A small e-commerce company has accused the billionaire rapper of walking out on his contract and stealing tech secrets.  

Kanye West’s New Legal Battle

According to a TMZ report, a company called MyChannel (MYC) has sued the rapper. Based in Pennsylvania, the company accused West of walking out on his contract after they had spent millions on building his online clothing store. MyChannel added that West stole their ideas and tech for himself. In the process, West also violated several NDAs and other agreements.

Kanye West’s Shady Business Tricks

Moreover, Kanye had also promised MYC that he would invest $10 million into their business if they built a video platform for his online store. However, MYC ended up spending around $7 million of its funds because West did not pay them anything. The company had spent six months working 80 hours a week for the project. 

The lawsuit also says that Kanye cut all ties with the company and left them in a sea of debt. After that, Kanye then used a nearly identical version of MYC’s platform for his “Sunday Service” program. Gizmodo calls this program a “pop-up church experience.” 

What Is Kanye West’s “Sunday Service”?

Kanye’s “Sunday Service” program is the rapper’s e-commerce platform, based on gospel and church themes. The service has netted the rapper profits of a million dollars a night. From the stolen tech, the service also makes the rapper $350 million a year. However, since MYC isn’t as big as the other companies in high-profile NDA cases, their lawsuit might not harm Kanye much, if at all. 

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