In the U.S., the coronavirus was being pushed away to the sideline of awareness due to recent protests. The cases have reached almost 2 million infections in the U.S. Johns Hopkins counted almost 27,000 new infection cases only on Wednesday, a day in which there were nearly 1,000 deaths in the US. Since the emergence of the virus here only a few months back, almost 113,000 US residents have died.

Since the nation is slowly reopening after a few months of lockdown, much of the pandemic that has disrupted the worldwide economy remains with us still. In spite of the decrease in deaths of the U.S. for 6 weeks consecutively, the director of Harvard Global Health Institute, Dr. Ashish Jha, says that the U.S. should be ready for another 100,000 victims of the virus in the coming months.

Jha also tweeted that, “The epidemic is still with us, and around 800-1,000 people die in one day”. “We can’t get immune against this”. Ogbonnaya Omenka, an expert in public health and a professor at the Butler University said that the numbers could even be much more if there’s a renaissance in fall. He also said, we trying our maximum in fighting this virus, still, we are not able to recommend anything regarding the issues related to another phase of this deadly virus. In view of experts, the second wave will be much more problematic with lots of deaths and cases.

Omenka believes that even that it is conservative, speaking some estimates show that “the real number of infection cases is likely to surpass seven million.” Though good news about the emanates of numbers from different cities like Chicago and New York, states like Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, South Carolina, and Florida are witnessing surges. The Florida Health Department announced a report of 1,698 new coronavirus cases on this Thursday. Moreover, it is not only the US alone. About 7.4 million new cases worldwide and almost 400,000 deaths have been reported. India records a spike: Thursday registered almost 10,000 new infection cases. The success story of South Korea and the rest of the world for its glorious effort to streamline curves for deaths and new cases see an alarming spike in infection now.

On Thursday, the Center for Health Metrics and Evaluation said it is expecting worldwide deaths “in the millions” till October. The US health experts understand that reopening the economy of the US is urgently needed. Approximately 1.5 million US nationals filed their first-time jobless insurance applications last week, pushing the count to the record-breaking 43 million Americans during the last 12 weeks. However, reopening comes at a price.

Nolan said the coming weeks would indicate that either the second full-scale infection wave will cause an increase in cases exponentially or if it is just the “flare-up” revealing it to be the short-term outbreak. Either way, the remedies include social distancing, hand-washing, and similar preventive measures which have been practiced for months by officials of public health.

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