A recent poll from Associated Press suggests that almost half of those who were unemployed during the crisis will remain unemployed. This is a downward turn from the optimist outlook by majority of those who were out of job last April.

Dwindling optimism

The latest survey conducted by The Associated Press NORC Center for Public Affairs Research published Friday revealed that many of those laid off Americans believe they can never return to their jobs. The poll showed that 47 percent are pessimistic about returning to their same employment once the pandemic is over. There is also an increasing trend in the number of worried Americans since April. Only 20 percent think they can return to their same jobs when the crisis is over, rising to 30 percent on May and 36 percent on June.

Subsequently, there are decreasing numbers of optimistic people, from 78 percent on April who are confident to go back to their same jobs when things return to normal, down to 34 percent on the most recent data.

This could indicate an imminent drop in employment rate in months to come, CNBC News noted. The low optimism data came as many business industries are still hurting from the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak. The total number of cases in the US has surpassed the 4 million-mark.

Meanwhile, more than half, 53 percent, of the respondents said they experienced loss of income because of the pandemic. They are either terminated from their jobs or their wages or hours to work on are reduced. Also, 27 percent suggested that the pandemic has also caused loss of jobs to them or someone from their household.

Focus on curbing the virus

On a related note, the major consensus among Americans is to put restrictions in the community to curb the viral spread. 72 percent agreed they would sacrifice economic gain just to prevent more spread of the virus. Most of the democrats agree with prioritizing health safety over economic recovery, while Republicans are split in their opinion. Only 27 percent of all respondents would rather focus on the economy.

President Donald Trump gained the highest approval rating in terms of economy, with 48 percent. Meanwhile, many do not think he is doing a good job in other sectors, with 68 percent disapproval rating on the coronavirus outbreak, while both 63 percent unsatisfied with him dealing Education and Healthcare. While regarding the reopening of schools, a total of 80 percent are somewhat or extremely concerned that such would cause more people contracting the virus.

About the survey

The nationwide poll conducted on July 16 to 20 surveyed 1,057 adults, with a margin of error of plus/minus 4.3 percentage points.


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