Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh of Tunisia has officially resigned from his post on Wednesday. This happened while their country with a political crisis in a pandemic backdrop.

Handing out the resignation

Government statement announced that the prime minister already gave his resignation letter to President Kais Saied.

Prime Minister Fakhfakh resigned from his post following possible pressure from those campaigning to oust him. A vote of no confidence to the government was brewing among the parliament over allegations against him of conflicts of interests.

According to the Office of the Prime Minister, his decision to resign is rooted from the purpose to avoid further conflict in politics.

Conflict of interest

Reuters reported that their sources told him it was the Tunisian president himself who requested from Fakhfakh to resign following the issue of allegations of conflict of interest.

“The decision has been made in the national interest and in order to avoid more conflicts between state institutions in the country and to uphold the principle of moralization of political life,” as per the Office of the Prime Minister.

The allegations against Fakhfakh was having shares in companies who were contracted by the government. He has denied such.

CNN wrote in an article that local media reported the prime minister expressing that his exit could further resolve the “crisis” for the president.

New government

The president has now one week to replace the vacated post. The successor should have a couple of months to oversee the formation of a new government before the parliament approves on it. However, as there could be political divide in the parliament, an early election is also likely.

Fakhfakh was actually appointed to the position by Tunisia’s President Kais Saied earlier this year following the parliament denying proposed government by an earlier nominee.

Tunisia is among the countries struggling for a way out of the health crisis. They even loaned $743 million from the International Monetary Fund this April in an effort to solve economic crisis following the coronavirus outbreak.

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