Fans of the classic first-person-shooter Doom should be thrilled to know that someone has played it on an Equate electronic pregnancy test. However, there is a catch. The programmer had to replace all the kit’s electronics, including the tiny LCD monitor. 

What Can You Do on a Pregnancy Test?

How did the programmer do it? The programmer, Foone Turing, has posted a lot of videos showing him fiddling with the Equate pregnancy test. After several tries, he managed to play meme videos on the kit, like Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.

Foone has even managed to play clips from the original 1993 Doom and 2011’s Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.  

Playing Doom on a Pregnancy Test

After their tweets went viral, Foone decided to take their work up a notch. They had said that the Doom clips weren’t a game, since they were just video clips. Now, though, Foone has managed to play the game.

Foone has tweeted their efforts at playing the game on a tiny 128×32 pixel monochrome display. They used a wireless keyboard to play.  

How Did They Do It?

Gizmodo says that playing Doom on an electronic pregnancy test was technically impossible. Foone agreed. They had simply replaced the kit’s CPU and its LCD display. For the display, Foone used an OLED screen that could display a lot more lines than for “pregnant” and for “not pregnant.”

However, Foone’s feat didn’t go unnoticed. Fans have shown Foone’s work to one of Doom’s original programmers, John Romero, and he tweeted out his admiration for the achievement. 

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