The largest air travel company in Taiwan is now in its flight for renaming. And this change in branding is rooted from avoiding confusion. The parliament of Taiwan had okayed on Wednesday the proposed effort of renaming China Airlines. During the parliament meeting, mentioned was the confusion of labels between this aviation company with another airline in Beijing called Air China. Meanwhile, China Airlines is based in Taipei.

Ministry’s role

According to legislative president Yu Shyi-kun of the DPP party, “The [Ministry of Transportation] should make China Airlines more identifiable internationally with Taiwanese images to protect Taiwan’s national interests. Overseas, it is mistaken for a Chinese airline.”

The proposal is giving responsibility for the Ministry of Transportation to work out policies to reinforce the identity of China Airlines as a Taiwanese company. The delegated department should also manage to avoid confusion between the Taipei-based aviation and Air China. Among the suggestions of the legislature is to have a smaller “China Airlines” label.

As per the approved effort of rebranding, “The Ministry of Transportation and Communications shall study and propose a feasible plan for the renaming of China Airlines in phases.” It is also highlighted in the proposal that the Transport Ministry should do the rebranding without compromising much of the global aviation liberties that the China Airlines enjoy.

Past confusions

Internationally, the two air travel companies, China Airlines and Air China, are both known globally. But confusion among the two still occur, even with journalists. The Forbes, in an article written by Will Horton who covers on airline beats, recalled a previous report from another news org that “mistakenly showed an aircraft of China Airlines from the Republic of China, also known as Taiwan.”

In addition, Taiwan’s efforts of providing medical supplies to other countries were mistaken by people to be from mainland China. Even a petition was created to push for this move of renaming, with over 50,000 signatures. 

Taiwan, or “Republic of China” officially, and mainland China are tightly linked by culture and traditions, but they are governed separately for several decades. Meanwhile, China is claiming Taiwan to be part of its territory, and is very strict to those who oppose.

The airline in subject denies to comment on the matter. According to the company’s corporate communications office vice president Jason Liu writing to CNN in an e-mail, “Please be advised that China Airlines has no comments on this topic at the moment.”

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