CBS’s Super Bowl ad placement price is almost similar to this year’s price; the trend is typically upwards.

It was reported that ViacomCBS has an asking price of $5.5 million for a half-minute ad placement for the next Super Bowl in 2021, according to an article published online by the Wall Street Journal Thursday. That was under the price tag for the previous game in February thru Fox, prior to the pandemic, which was $5.6 million. Super Bowl ad placements usually see annual price increase, the WSJ says.

Ad Spending Is Down

The Journal also said that the network, CBS, also required advertisers to also buy some space during the online stream. Its price is about $200,000, a source said. But their decision not to boost the price for ad placements may likely be rooted from the outbreak.

According to a giant American ad buyer in June, advertising expenses in the US was expected to drop by 13 percent this year. This is due to the effect of the current health crisis on many businesses. It is a pessimistic projection from their last year’s estimate of 4 percent rise.

Uncertain Super Bowl

The publication also cited some sources who noted that those who want to place their ads should also have an exit, that is if the pandemic denies NFL to conduct the anticipated match. And ViacomCBS has agreed to return the money in an event of Super Bowl cancellation.

The Journal also said that a lot of people still expect the Super Bowl to draw a huge audience next year, with many annual events being postponed or cancelled and people just staying at home. That is if it pursues amid pandemic.

Massive Sporting Event

The Super Bowl is among the bigger sports that is also a massive TV event. It is one of the most watched matches on TV. Every year, a different network broadcasts the much anticipated game, with the likes of Fox, NBC, and CBS taking turns. It is held by the National Football League every February. 

Therefore, it would make sense for advertisers to want to buy a spot in the match. With more OTT programming being shifted to on-demand setup instead of scheduled broadcast, Super Bowl is among the few gems left that draws a massive audience.

For this year, Fox network’s broadcast of the Super Bowl garnered 99 million viewers. If including the digital platforms and its Spanish-language channel, that number would reach 102 million, per a WSJ article. Ad data company Kanter said ad revenue for that amounted to $525.4 million.

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