Revel is now adding safety measures as it relaunched operations in New York City.

Revel’s electric mopeds have returned to New York City on Thursday, the company announced. Several weeks ago, the startup had suspended its services in the city following the death of two people while on their mopeds. One was seriously injured. The mayor said that the incidents were “unacceptable.”

Leveling up Revel’s Safety Measures

The Verge reported that Revel has collaborated with New York City to come up with new measures to put in place to ensure customers’ safety. Officials for the city has already okayed the updated plan.

In a news report from CNN Business, the city mayor’s spokesperson stated on Thursday that: “New Yorkers deserve more mobility options, and we’ve focused on welcoming a safer, more accountable service to city streets.”

Part of the new safety measures includes compelling riders to take selfies wearing their helmets before they can even begin their trip. The company is also requiring all of the 36,000 riders in New York to complete the process of a new in-app safety training course.

Training and Tests

Per Revel’s website, the startup claims they have teamed up with behavioral and transportation experts to devise a new compulsory in-app safety training, which is said to be designed to help riders “sharpen [their] skills and [their] knowledge of the rules of the road.”

Also, the obligatory safety test applies to all of the riders in the city right now, whether they are new to the service or not. Meanwhile, users in other areas, including DC and Oakland, Austin will be required starting September 1. The test would include topics like where mopeds are only allowed, and penalties for breaking traffic regulations, among others.

Selfie with Helmets

In addition, regarding the mandatory selfie in a helmet, Revel said it is checking if users are complying, and it is willing to suspend those who are not.

This new feature will not start Revel’s mopeds unless you send the photo of you, or if you’re with someone, them too, wearing a helmet. The company is also selling helmets, which is priced “affordable,” according to Revel. The Revel helmets are certified by US-DOT, and per its description: “designed to absorb shock and protect your noggin.”

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