As the US struggles to stop COVID-19, its upstairs neighbor doesn’t look like it’s doing well, either. Canadian public health officials urge everyone to stay home to avoid the second wave of COVID-19. 

COVID-19 in Canada

CNN reports that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has revealed that COVID-19 has begun its second wave. Case numbers in Canada have surged. Every day, Canada sees an average of 2,000 cases. This number marks a 40% case increase in just one week.

Johns Hopkins University says that Canada has recorded 175,380 cases. Moreover, 9,593 people have died. These numbers are also rising. Over 600 COVID-19 patients are in Canadian hospitals, while around 18 people die every day. 

More Canada Numbers

CNN adds that Ontario and Quebec account for over 80% of new infections. Moreover, people under 40 years old comprise 60% of all cases. Canadian officials have expressed concern over Quebec because lots of people live there. The cities had already closed restaurants and bars last week.

On Tuesday, Quebec recorded 1,364 new cases. This number is the province’s highest daily total since the pandemic struck. In response, the government warned young people to stay home. 

What Happened in Canada?

Last month, the world praised Canada for flattening the curve. On the other hand, the United States has recorded 7.5 million cases. Almost 212,000 Americans have died.

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