A new survey published by the CDC says that older adults are more obedient to COVID-19 safety rules compared to younger adults.

Maybe we should all follow our elders. A new survey from the CDC says that older Americans are more obedient to the agency’s COVID-19 rules compared to younger adults. The survey could also explain why infections among young adults have spiked since June. 

COVID-19 Among US Seniors

CNN reports that the Data Foundation did the survey. After the survey, the report appeared in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. The survey involved 6,500 adults 18 years old and above.

According to the report, face mask use among adults rose from 78% in April to 83% in May. In June, the number went up to 89%. Among these adults, the number of older adults who wore masks rose by 14% higher than the youngest age group. 

Other Data

The report also said that other protective behaviors, like handwashing and social distancing, either dropped slightly or stayed the same. For example, the number of people who washed their hands dipped from 93% in April to 91% in May. In June, the number fell to 89%.

However, during these months, the adults over 60 years old followed the rules better than the younger group.  

Why Older People Are More Obedient

The researchers wrote that older people are more afraid of COVID-19. After all, seniors are more likely to suffer severe illness from the virus. Younger adults do not have the same risk. Moreover, younger adults might dismiss the rules because of “social, developmental, and practical factors.”

The government must do better to inform young people about COVID-19. This way, they can also help stop the virus from spreading.

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