While this news may not be relevant under the pandemic, you might still want to know that your smartphones can now tell if you’re drunk. Once COVID-19 goes away, you should keep it in mind during your next night out. After all, it might be hard to tell whether you can still drive. 

How Can Your Phone Tell If You’re Drunk?

While smartphones can cause severe headaches, they can also tell if you’re too drunk. How does this work? CNN reports that your phone can track any changes in the way you walk.

Your smartphone’s ability can help you reduce your alcohol consumption, or avoid drunk driving. If you’re undergoing treatment for alcohol abuse, your phone can even alert your sponsor. 

How Did People Discover This Smartphone Ability?

Dr. Brian Suffoletto used smartphones to track the blood alcohol levels of 22 adults aged 21 to 43. For his study, Suffoletto gave the subjects vodka to drink. Their vodka could give their breath an alcohol level of 0.2%. In the US, the legal drink limit is an alcohol level of 0.08%.

The subjects had an hour to finish the drink, and then researchers studied their breaths every hour for seven hours. They also had to walk ten steps in a straight line, turn around, and walk back ten more steps. Researchers used a smartphone app to measure changes in gait.

With the app, the team was able to identify when a person’s blood alcohol level exceeded 0.08%. The app simply measured all changes in gait, which were detected by the phone’s sensors. 

Will This Smartphone App Be Available Publicly?

According to the researchers, their study was only a proof-of-concept. Their results could spur more studies on using smartphones to measure alcohol impairments.

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