To avoid COVID-19, Sony says the PS5 will only be sold online on launch day, and retail stores will sell zero units.

This year’s next-gen console launch might look different because of COVID-19. During the usual launch, the virus could ravage everyone inside retail stores. Instead, Sony plans to avoid crowds entirely. So, if you want to buy a PS5 on launch day, you have to go online.

PS5 Online Launch

Kotaku reports that Sony will not sell the console in retail stores. Instead, the company will launch the console online. In a report on the PlayStation Blog, Sid Shuman said they want to keep everyone safe amid COVID-19

Shuman added that zero PS5 units would be available in retail stores on November 12 or November 19. With this news, Sony should avoid people camping outside of their local stores on launch day.

How Do We Buy a PS5?

This year, Sony urges gamers to stay at home and shop online. People who’ve pre-ordered a console should set an appointment with their local store before visiting. Moreover, the store should also impose safety rules. 

Sony did thank gamers for supporting the PS5. However, this news should present a new reality for gamers. For years, gamers have flocked to their local shops whenever the latest console dropped. Crowded stores have become part of the rituals of a next-gen console launch.

However, COVID-19 has stopped that. 

Crowded Stores

Kotaku reports that Nintendo got hit for letting people crowd stores in Japan for the Nintendo Switch. People slammed Nintendo for creating an unsafe environment for its consumers. At the time, Japan was going to declare a state of emergency, too.

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