The US Preventive Services Task Force has posted a new draft recommendation saying adults should start colon cancer screening at age 45.

If you’re close to 45 years old, look forward to getting your colon checked by then. The US Preventive Services Task Force plans to recommend adults screen for colon and rectal cancers when they turn 45. Before, the recommended age was 50. The task force is the US’ leading group for medical guidance. 

Cancer Screening for Adults

CNN reports that the task force wants all adults aged 45 to 75 to start screening for colorectal cancer. The task force also adds that adults 76 to 85 years old should also screen for this cancer if their health allows.

The task force posted their new draft on Tuesday. Before finalizing their draft, the group plans to hear out opinions from the public. 

Why the New Recommendation?

The task force issued a new recommendation based on emerging data. The data said that more adults aged 45 to 49 are getting colon cancer. One famous example is the late “Black Panther” star Chadwick Boseman, who died of colon cancer in August. The actor was 43.

Moreover, the models also say that screening at 45 years old would help prevent more deaths. On the other hand, screening benefits adults 50 to 75 years old the most.

Meanwhile, the American Cancer Society has already recommended adults to start screening at age 45. The group had issued this update in 2018. 

What’s Next

Oncologist Dr. Kimmie Ng also noted that more young people aged 45 and below with advanced colorectal cancer are going to the doctor. These young people also do not have “obvious risk factors for the disease.”

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