A new study has found that 20% of grocery workers had COVID-19 and didn’t know it, since they also had no symptoms.

Watch out for COVID-19 at the supermarket. New research has found that 20% of grocery workers had COVID-19 and didn’t show symptoms. This finding means that grocery store workers are at a very high risk of COVID-19. Moreover, the workers who interact with customers could spread the virus around. 

New COVID-19 Study

CNN reports that the research showed a clear picture of the risks grocery workers had to face during the pandemic. According to the study, most grocery workers spread the virus without knowing it. They did not show symptoms.

The study also said that 20% of the 104 grocery workers in Boston tested positive after nasal swab tests. This number also marks a higher infection rate than surrounding communities. Moreover, workers who had contact with customers were five times more likely to spread the virus. About 75% of the workers who tested positive also had no symptoms. 

Grocery Store Precautions

The workers in the study also tried to protect themselves. In the study, 91% wore face masks at work, while 77% wore masks outside of work. However, only 66% did social distancing on the job.

Being unable to do social distancing also caused nearly a quarter of the workers to become anxious and depressed. Only 8% of workers who did not have to deal with customers reported the same feelings.  

What’s Next

At least 108 grocery workers have died of COVID-19. Moreover, over 16,300 have caught the virus. 

The grocery worker sector has moved to label grocery workers as first responders. As first responders, they will have priority access to testing and personal protective equipment (PPE).

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