While the US has already recorded 6.4 million COVID-19 cases, a new study says that the country may have reached that number earlier. The research suggests that a lack of testing led to the government undercounting the case numbers.  

New Research on COVID-19 Numbers

The new study appeared in the Nature Communications journal. Researchers from the University of California Berkeley School of Public Health conducted the study. After their research, they found that the US limited COVID-19 only to persons with moderate to severe symptoms. The government did not have enough testing kits. As a result, the government failed to account for the real COVID-19 case numbers. 

What Does the New COVID-19 Research Mean?

According to the research, CNN reports that the US may have already reached more than 6.4 million COVID-19 cases by April 18. Back then, the researchers said that the official tally only counted 721,245 confirmed cases.

Data from Johns Hopkins University said that the US reached 6.3 million cases only last Wednesday. Moreover, 190,763 people have died.

Jade Benjamin-Chung said that the US didn’t include asymptomatic people in its official count because they didn’t get tested. Only people with moderate or severe symptoms received testing. So, they were the only cases counted. However, Chung said that the number of asymptomatic people might have added to the actual numbers.  

Is This New COVID-19 Research Accurate?

The research accords with the earlier statements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Earlier, the CDC had already said that the US has more COVID-19 cases than the official numbers. CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield had also said, back in June, that the US may have missed about 90% of cases. 

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