People who use marijuana often claim that it helps them control all sorts of pains. However, a new study may puncture that belief. The research suggests that using weed after surgery can worsen your pain during recovery. 

Weed as a Painkiller

In the CNN report, the researchers said that weed could ease chronic and nerve pain. However, in a statement, Dr. Ian Holmen said that weed doesn’t work for after-surgery pain, such as the acute pain after leg surgery. Dr. Holmen is a resident at the University of Colorado Hospital.

The study also found that using weed before surgery led to more anesthesia during the operation. Afterward, you’d also need more opioids to manage the pain. These findings mean that weed can be dangerous for some people who need surgery. Older people with chronic illnesses could suffer serious risks from anesthesia. Add weed, and the risks grow.

Is Weed Dangerous?

For the study, the researchers looked at patients who underwent surgery for a broken leg. Some of the subjects used weed before surgery, while the rest did not. However, the researchers did not ask the type of weed used or the frequency of weed use.

The subjects who used weed reported using 58% more opioids a day during recovery. They also reported high levels of pain on a scale of 1 to 10. Finally, they also needed 12.4 ml more anesthesia during the surgery. 

Surgery Pain and Weed

According to the study, weed also worsened people’s surgery-related pain. The researchers said that opioid users also go through the same thing.

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