Here’s some good news for cinnamon lovers. A new study said that cinnamon might help people control their blood sugar levels. Likewise, cinnamon can also slow down the progression from pre-diabetes to full-blown Type 2 diabetes. The study involves 51 people with high blood sugar levels. 

How Can Cinnamon Slow Down Diabetes?

CNN reports that earlier research also said that cinnamon improved blood sugar levels. Cassia cinnamon lowered blood sugar among people with Type 2 diabetes. The herb proved more helpful than diet and even some medications.

Another study supported cinnamon as well. Small doses of cassia cinnamon lowered blood sugar levels among 60 people with Type 2 diabetes. Not only that, but cinnamon also helped reduce their cholesterol levels. 

However, a study done in 2012 failed to prove cinnamon was effective for diabetic patients.

What Did the New Cinnamon Research Say about Its Effects on Diabetes?

Dr. Giulio Romero said that the study looked for safe and cheap ways to slow down pre-diabetes from becoming Type 2 diabetes. Dr. Romero is the author of the study. He is also a doctor in the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston.

Romero said that the study showed that cinnamon kept the subjects’ blood sugar levels for 12 weeks.  

Should We Use More Cinnamon in Our Food to Counter Diabetes?

Experts say adding cinnamon in our food isn’t harmful. You can use cinnamon instead of sugar, salt, or other seasoning. Too much cinnamon can damage your liver, though.

The FDA recommends 6 grams of cinnamon a day.

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