We all could use fewer subscription services. Nearly every service comes with a monthly bill, even software. Thankfully, Microsoft plans to release a subscription-free version of Microsoft Office in 2021. 

Microsoft Office 2021

PCMag reports that Microsoft plans to release a “new perpetual license edition” of Microsoft Office in 2021. This new edition means users might replace Microsoft Office 2019, which is the last version users could own outright. All editions after that required users to subscribe to Microsoft. 

In a news post by the Microsoft Exchange team, the company said Office could see a “perpetual release for both Windows and Mac” later in 2021. However, the company did not offer more information beyond that.

What About Current Microsoft Office Users?

Only the web versions of Microsoft Office tools are free. Just create a Microsoft account and start using the suite. However, if you need to install an offline version on your computer, you’ll need to subscribe. 

Pick a subscription tier that offers the programs you want, such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or Excel. You can also pay $150 upfront to get all Microsoft Office tools without subscribing. However, Skype and OneDrive don’t come in the deal.

Schools that have an Office 365 Education Plan allow students to use Office for free. 

What’s the Big Deal?

Users tired of shelling out money for yet another service should welcome this news. A free version of Microsoft Office would save users a lot of money in the long-term. Most users just want Word, Powerpoint, and Excel, anyway.

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