Do You Want More and Better Traffic from Google? | Fredrik Lindros on Mastering Google Shopping Ads with Bidbrain™

The latest benchmark report to come out on ad-performance reinstates the disparity between how e-retailers are using their marketing budget. As of now, Google Shopping ads make-up over 80% of retail ad spend, while Google Search Ads are at an all-time low at only 20%. Today, we’ll be talking with […]

Interview with Michael Ouliel, CEO at BlackSwan Technologies

For any tech product innovator, emerging from stealth is one part of the story, emerging successfully ensures a different tactic and ball game; Michael Ouliel, CEO at BlackSwan Technologies shares his experience and learnings in this chat: Hi Michael, welcome to SalesTechStar! Tell us about your journey through the years…and the BlackSwan platform? Michael […]

Interview with Gilles Bertaux, CEO and Co- founder of Livestorm

Gilles Bertaux is co-founder and CEO of Livestorm, the all-in-one platform for video communication, which has seen huge growth during the pandemic. As a first-time entrepreneur, Gilles co-founded Livestorm in 2016 along with Robin Lambert, Tom Forlini, and Vincent Garreau. The company gained traction in Europe and North America and has nowadays […]

United Airlines CEO Supposes Normal Revenues Will Not Be Met Unless a Vaccine Is Widely Distributed

According to United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby, “Cash burn is the most important metric.” United Airlines chief relayed in a statement that the company has managed to keep the company from bleeding money amidst the country’s raging battle against the pandemic. But unless a vaccine has been found, usual revenues […]