Do You Want More and Better Traffic from Google? | Fredrik Lindros on Mastering Google Shopping Ads with Bidbrain™

The latest benchmark report to come out on ad-performance reinstates the disparity between how e-retailers are using their marketing budget. As of now, Google Shopping ads make-up over 80% of retail ad spend, while Google Search Ads are at an all-time low at only 20%. Today, we’ll be talking with […]

Interview with Tim Stearns, Founder of Ace Industrial Supply

In 1990, Founder, Tim Stearns, along with one employee, rented office space in Pacoima, CA, growing his business into an industry leader in selling tools and hardware to businesses, contractors, and consumers. Ace Industrial Supply is now home to over 100 in-house salespersons, 35 administrative employees, 14 warehouse employees, and sales offices […]

Interview with Carenda Deonne, Creator of Carenda Deonne LLC

Carenda Deonne is a vibrant, pulsating and charismatic motivational speaker, author and marketing consultant. Carenda’s highly dynamic and charismatic personality has made her a highly recommended and sought after Change Agent in business and professional circles for Corporate CEO’s, small business owner, entrepreneurs and nonprofit and community leaders alike. Carenda […]

Interview with Leah Miller, Property Developer, Influencer and Founder of LCM Home

Find out how an obsession with Homes Under The Hammer inspired Leah Miller to become a property developer, and later influencer and founder of LCM Home. What’s your career background? Leah Miller: I studied for a business degree at Birmingham City University, graduating in 2018, and then got a job as a marketing assistant […]

Interview with Michael Ouliel, CEO at BlackSwan Technologies

For any tech product innovator, emerging from stealth is one part of the story, emerging successfully ensures a different tactic and ball game; Michael Ouliel, CEO at BlackSwan Technologies shares his experience and learnings in this chat: Hi Michael, welcome to SalesTechStar! Tell us about your journey through the years…and the BlackSwan platform? Michael […]