Republicans are rallying around Trump following the FBI raid. That’s good news for Biden.

WASHINGTON — The Republican Party’s post-FBI-raid rally around former President Donald Trump could provide an inadvertent boost to another politician: President Joe Biden. Biden wouldn’t dare touch the politics of a criminal investigation, according to White House officials and party operatives. But at a time when most Democrats want a […]

Trump allies say he declassified Mar-a-Lago documents. Experts say it’s unclear whether that will hold up.

Allies of former President Donald Trump say that any sensitive White House documents he brought with him to his Mar-a-Lago estate had been declassified, but some legal and presidential record experts are skeptical of that claim — and say that Trump could be in criminal jeopardy regardless. While the Justice […]

What’s in it for you? Five cash benefits in the Democrats’ climate and health bill

WASHINGTON — The Democratic spending bill making its way through Congress includes a series of benefits for consumers, including tax credits for clean energy household products and electric vehicles, as well as savings on prescription drugs and health insurance premiums. The Inflation Reduction Act passed the Senate on a party-line […]

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema signs off on Democrats’ big agenda bill, paving the way for Senate passage

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema signed off on sweeping Democratic legislation Thursday that would provide new spending to mitigate climate change and extend health care access while taxing corporations. The Arizona Democrat’s announcement likely unlocks the votes needed to pass the bill in the Senate. Sinema said her support came after Democratic […]