United Airlines CEO Supposes Normal Revenues Will Not Be Met Unless a Vaccine Is Widely Distributed

According to United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby, “Cash burn is the most important metric.” United Airlines chief relayed in a statement that the company has managed to keep the company from bleeding money amidst the country’s raging battle against the pandemic. But unless a vaccine has been found, usual revenues […]

Starbucks Customer Denied of Service Over Refusing to Wear Mask Wants Half of the Fundraiser for the Barista

Amber Gilles revealed she considered consulting lawyers to get half of the $100,000 ‘tips’ to Starbucks barista Lenin Gutierrez Last month, a Starbucks barista was attacked on social media over denying to serve a customer who refused to wear a mask. When a GoFundMe for the barista gained traction, the […]

Trump Removes Brad Parscale as Campaign Manager Amidst Polls Reporting Joe Biden in the Lead

US President Trump announced on Wednesday night that he is replacing his campaign manager with Bill Stepien, while demoting Brad Parscale to senior adviser Republican candidate and incumbent US President Donald Trump has announced on Wednesday night that he will be replacing his campaign manager. News broke out amidst the […]

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Maintains He Has Always Been Vocal of Trump’s Approach to the Pandemic

On Thursday night, Maryland’s Republican Governor Larry Hogan maintained that he was always “upfront” and “straightforward” with his opinion over the administration’s response to the health crisis. This came after he was alleged by the White House to be revising history. ‘Hopeless’ Response In an article that Hogan wrote for […]

‘Lottery Lawyer’ and Three Other Men Alleged of Defrauding Money of Lottery Winners

A “Lottery Lawyer” and three associates were alleged of taking part in a multi-million scheme defrauding lottery winners. A person claiming to be a “Lottery Lawyer,” and three co-conspirators were charged with fraud after being involved in a multi-million dollar scheme that took winnings from lottery champs. The ‘Lottery Lawyer’ […]