The Digital Marketing Strategy of Nescafé with Examples

As one of the most popular brands in the world, Nescafé has a remarkable digital marketing strategy.

Nescafé’s digital marketing strategy takes on a character that is part of global life and is a good example of communicating with a wide audience. The brand manages to present itself as a supporter of different life situations, regardless of income, age, gender or more.

Nescafé announced the world-famous instant coffee in 1938 and began a long journey accompanying historical events. Thanks to good campaigns and projects, the brand is now represented in over 180 countries and is considered the world’s most popular coffee. Another globally successful brand is undoubtedly Coca-Cola. We can learn a lot from the Coca-Cola and Nescafé digital marketing strategy.

By doing a detailed search for the best Nescafé digital marketing strategy and Nescafé social media strategy, we see the similarities between different projects. As an old brand, it seems to be figuring out how to stay young and active in order to attract new generations.

Given that older consumers are already familiar with the brand, it is a good idea to dig the digital tunnels across platforms to reach younger consumers. We can learn a lot from this old but golden brand in order to be successful in the digital space.

So let’s dive deep into the success of Nescafé digital marketing and analyze the brand’s unique strategies.

Connect the digital with the physical world

Nescafé came out with a challenge: are you really friends with your Facebook connections?

In a world that is going digital at a crazy pace, friendships have a different vibe too. Based on this idea, the company decided to convert online friendships into offline friendships to see what was going on with friends in the digital age.

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The main character of the project “Really Friends?” was Arnaud, who is around 35 years old and has more than 1000 friends on Facebook. He visited his Facebook friends for an offline chat with a legendary Nescafé mug in hand.

Arnold made a 42 web video documentary along with interactions with his friends. The documentary had more than 8 million views, 63,000 likes, 5,500 shares and 4,800 comments on Facebook. That’s not all! The brand’s Facebook page also increased the number of fans by 400%.

The project turned out to be a real success as other people wanted the same experience as Arnaud, which gave rise to the idea of ​​a competition. The Facebook competition entitled ‘le Défi Nescafé’ received 26,000 applications.

The brand is always active through lots of online and offline campaigns and it’s a great idea to combine the two.

Mobile-first / social-first approach

Nescafé is a love brand with a lot of followers on social media.

This is not a coincidence, but a result of the brand’s mobile-first approach. The purpose of this improved perspective is to revive the brand, according to Carsten Fredholm, Head of Nestlé’s Strategic Business Unit Beverages. A global focus on mobile and social media also helps them create a uniform appearance in 180 countries.

Nescafé has 35 million followers on Facebook and 90,1,000 followers on Instagram (they have local Instagram accounts for different countries). Given that Millennials are a huge part of their audience, this is a great way to keep in touch with them. The brand is also active on platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat.


If they’re always in touch with the new generation, they’ll stay young despite all the years in the industry. The brand strives to keep the lead in its class through such energy projects and never let people see the brand as out of date.

Conducting global campaigns for global identity

Another digital success from Nescafé is “Good Morning World”, a 360-degree video campaign on Facebook. The goal is basically to “make real connections” with the younger generation. The campaign, created as part of the brand’s REDvolution identity, aims to create a global character for Nescafé.

Global brands may choose different marketing approaches, such as: B. playing the game more locally. Like many others, Nescafé chose for this campaign to go global and celebrate diversity in a single project.

From the campaign on, people from all over the world can be seen at their breakfast tables – with a cup of Nescafé. They dance along and sing the soundtrack of “Don’t Worry” by Madcon. The audience has an interactive experience with the 360-degree video. You can point your smartphone in any direction to view different clips in the video.

This is where we need to recognize that Nescafé’s digital marketing strategy is meticulously focused on younger consumers. And of course this strategy works very well.