Airbnb will list one of the most renowned TV mansions in pop culture. On Monday, Hollywood actor Will Smith teamed up with the home rental services company to mark the three decades since the premiere of his popular TV sitcom “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

The Mansion Up for Rent

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Smith’s 90s sitcom, the actor-comedian announced that the famous house from the “Fresh Prince” will be listed in Airbnb. Fans from Los Angeles can request to book for an overnight stay, which costs only $30. Take note that booking requests will begin on September 29.

First-time host Smith wrote in the listing’s description: “Ready for the freshest staycation ever? If this place looks familiar, that’s because it’s just as fly as it was when I first rolled up the driveway.”

Living “Fresh”

For $30, the fortunate visitors will get a royal treatment. Guests can sleep on Will Smith’s character’s luxurious bedroom and his king-sized bed. They can also relax in the poolside lounge area, and they can also take a dip if they like. And oh, Airbnb said that the VIP treatment includes free meals “served on silver platters.”

The Chance of a Lifetime

 The mansion will welcome two people per overnight stay, provided that both members live under the same roof. The same-household rule comes in order to prevent further transmission fo the coronavirus.

Moreover, each selected group can pick from a wing in the mansion. Airbnb will list five overnight dates for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Particularly, the limited slots include the following dates: September 29, October 2, October 5, October 8, October 11, and October 14. 

Furthermore, the lucky guests should still observe several house rules regarding local COVID-19 guidelines, Deadline reports. Also, Airbnb assures guests that the sanitation of the king-sized bed would even observe CDC-set guidelines and the company’s cleaning policies.

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