US President Trump announced on Wednesday night that he is replacing his campaign manager with Bill Stepien, while demoting Brad Parscale to senior adviser

Republican candidate and incumbent US President Donald Trump has announced on Wednesday night that he will be replacing his campaign manager. News broke out amidst the release of national polls that put his presidential race opponent former Vice President Joe Biden in the lead. 

Motion of Demotion

Brad Parscale, who served for the role since early 2018, will be superseded by Bill Stepien. Stepien was the field director of Trump’s campaign last elections. Meanwhile, Parscale will still remain on the team as senior adviser. It is the first realignment of his campaign crew for this year, Business Insider noted.

The decision to shuffle his campaign team was announced by Trump on a Facebook post, writing, “Brad Parscale, who has been with me for a very long time and has led our tremendous digital and data strategies, will remain in that role, while being a Senior Adviser to the campaign.”

The president then mentioned how both people were crucial to his victory last 2016 elections. He then went on to say that he is excited to seek their help for his re-election.

Recent National Polls

The national polls that came out prior Parscale’s demotion reported that Democratic candidate Joe Biden was 15 points ahead Trump on Quinnipiac University’s survey, and 11 points ahead on the NBC/Wall Street Journal survey. The incumbent’s disapproval ratings were also rising. 

Campaign Struggles

It was previously reported on how Trump was mad about how his Oklahoma campaign rally turned out way below their expectations last month. It was also believed that the blame was directed at Parscale. It was projected by Trump’s former campaign manager that an astounding 100,000 participants would show their support for the president in the rally that was pushed in the middle of a health crisis. Instead, only 6,000 people attended which led to the cancellation of the event and humiliation of the incumbent. Parscale has also been at the receiving end of other prior frustrations from the president.

CNN reported that their source revealed that the demotion was unbeknownst to Parscale only until several hours prior Trump’s Facebook post announcement. They also shared that the decision was already being talked about in the previous days.

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