President Donald Trump has today June 16, 2020, signed an executive ordering all police departments to adopt new standards. The new police reforms will mainly deal with the use of force by police. This follows protests over the death of George Floyd.

Trump noted that:

“Americans want law and order, they demand law and order. We need to bring law enforcement and communities closer together, not to drive them apart.”

The president noted that most of the police officers were good and selfless. He however noted that there were some bad ones and that they would be dealt with.

“Unfortunately, there have been instances in which some officers have misused their authority, challenging the trust of the American people, with tragic consequences for individual victims, their communities, and our Nation. All Americans are entitled to live with the confidence that the law enforcement officers and agencies in their communities will live up to our Nation’s founding ideals and will protect the rights of all persons. Particularly in African-American communities, we must redouble our efforts as a Nation to swiftly address instances of misconduct,” said Trump.

Trump went on to blame former president Barrack Obama for not solving the racism issue. He added that:

“Americans know the truth: Without police, there is chaos, without law, there is anarchy.”

Trump has been having a hard time with protestors saying that he was not taking the racism issue seriously. He however said that he would deal with the issue effectively. It is however unclear how the new police reforms will be enforced and how the law enforcement officers will be held accountable.

George Floyd

The death of George Floyd in the police hands led to massive protests in the US and Europe. The protests led to massive losses especially because of looking. In addition, it also led to the breaking of social distancing directives.

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