If COVID-19 hits you, you may feel a variety of symptoms. Now, the CDC suspects that the syndrome called MIS-A could be one of them. While MIS-A has no direct links to COVID-19, it has ties to a syndrome in children linked to coronavirus.

COVID-19 and MIS-A

CNN reports that MIS-A has killed three patients so far, with most of them being part of minority groups. According to the CDC, MIS-A stands for multisystem inflammatory system in adults. The experts have also tied it to MIS-C, or multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children. 

However, experts say both syndromes do not have apparent ties to COVID-19. You may not even show symptoms that warn of COVID-19 infection. 

MIS-A Cases

A Black man in Florida reported ringing in his ears, vomiting, and feeling chest pains. When he went to the hospital, he tested negative for COVID-19. In the end, he died despite treatment. In New York, a healthy Black woman went to the hospital for fever and chills. She stayed there for 19 days before recovering. 

Connections Between MIS-C and COVID-19

According to CNN, MIS-C is a fairly common syndrome in children. MIS-C has affected hundreds of children worldwide. After treatment, they do recover. Blood tests also suggest that MIS-C develops in children after they recover from a coronavirus infection. 

If you have MIS-A, you might suffer a fever that lasts 24 hours or longer. You can also feel chest pain and irregular heartbeats. Moreover, you can even suffer gastrointestinal symptoms and break out in rashes.

Even if you don’t feel any of these symptoms, your lungs could also get inflamed. This lung inflammation only shows up in X-rays.

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