The United States is now grappling with 5 million COVID-19 cases. To help the public control the virus, US doctors have released simple guidelines on wearing face masks. 

How to Wear Face Masks

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) released the guidelines on Wednesday. Within these guidelines are simple rules for the public on wearing masks. Through these guidelines, the AAMC hopes the public can prevent COVID-19 from spreading further while waiting for a vaccine.

What Should I Wear?

According to the CNN report, your masks should cover your nose and your mouth. They should also fit your face well so that there are few gaps around your nose and chin. If you’re wearing a cloth mask, you should use two or three layers. While a bandana-style cover or a loose-fitting one is better than going mask-less, you could still release tiny aerosol droplets into the air while wearing them. 

When Should I Wear Masks?

It’s critical to wear masks indoors because the AAMC said super-spreader events are most likely to happen there. To protect yourself, you should wear masks indoors. Everyone two years old and above should wear masks inside, especially around people who are not part of their household. Businesses should insist that their customers should wear masks before coming inside.

Outdoors, the same rules apply. Even if you’re just passing someone on the street, your masks will protect you from catching or releasing droplets. You should also avoid going to events with 6 or more people, and trigger heavy breathing, like sports or singing. Not even a mask can protect you in that case.

The AAMC has said there are zero downsides to wearing masks. Wearing masks should also be “the new normal,” the group added.

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