If you’re in the US, fall and winter are not seasons to relax. Experts have warned that a COVID-19 surge would happen in the coming months.  

COVID-19 in Fall and Winter

According to Dr. Chris Murray, two things would likely drive the COVID-19 surge. Dr. Murray directs the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME).

Dr. Murray says that people might become less careful since cases have come down in some states. Also, the virus spreads quicker indoors. As people go home for the holidays, they spend more time in their houses or airports. They also take the virus with them as they travel.

COVID-19 Numbers

The IHME’s model predicts that the US’ daily COVID-19 death toll might spike to 3,000 by late December. Currently, about 765 people are dying of the virus every day. 

According to Johns Hopkins University, over 204,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 since the pandemic struck. The university also reports that COVID-19 cases are rising again in at least 24 states. These increases also happen mostly in the middle of the country and the Midwest. 

COVID-19 Warnings

The CDC has also warned that the fall and winter could pose severe challenges to the American public. Moreover, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the new season would be more challenging since the US already sees a daily average of over 40,000 cases.

Dr. Murry has also said that a winter surge may have already begun in Europe. He says that the same wave is coming to the US very soon.

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