The COVID-19 pandemic keeps getting worse in the United States, as it reports 915,000 new cases in just two weeks. These numbers exceeded the COVID-19 cases logged across the US in June. 

How Did US COVID-19 Cases Spike Again?

CNN reports that the new virus surge came from Americans traveling during Memorial Day. Other cases came from people who entered public spaces that have already reopened. In response, many US leaders have said that they restarted business too quickly. 

With public places open again, people flocked to crowded bars and beaches. They also began going back to picnics and going on holiday with friends. Failure to implement and heed lockdown measures led to today’s rocketing cases.

What Is the US Government Doing to Control COVID-19?

The US government continues its efforts to curb COVID-19. Around 27 states have paused their reopening efforts. Mayors in Houston and Los Angeles ordered residents to stay at home. The LA mayor added the city was close to locking down again. However, the local government in Georgia could not agree on health measures. The governor attacked Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms of Atlanta for ordering people to stay at home.  

What Does This Rise in COVID-19 Cases Mean for the US?

With 915,000 new cases, the US is still struggling to control the virus. Some health experts have also said that the infection rate could be even higher than the numbers reported. 

At least 41 states have ordered people to wear masks in public. Others rely on banning public gatherings or physical distancing more than lockdowns. Dr. Anthony Fauci also said the world might not eliminate the virus, but only control it with vaccines. 

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