United States President Donald Trump decreed an executive order to treat Hong Kong the same as mainland China. The president said Tuesday the he signed a law that will end preferential treatment of the former British colony after Beijing implemented its new security law.

 ‘No more special treatment’

In an event that was held at Rose Garden, The President announced that the country is turning its back from the autonomous region. He stated: “Hong Kong will now be treated the same as mainland China. No special privileges, no special economic treatment and no export of sensitive technologies.” Months earlier, he had already mentioned that the special status of Hong Kong.

According to Mr. Trump, he had already signed the Hong Kong Autonomy Act, which was already unanimously decided by the Congress. He said in his address: “This law gives my administration powerful new tools to hold responsible the individuals and the entities involved in extinguishing Hong Kong’s freedom.”

With the executive order, those organizations and individuals who aided Beijing in restricting democracy in Hong Kong could face penalties. He also suspected that many people are going to leave Hong Kong. He voiced out that Hong Kong’s freedom is gone along with their rights, “because it will no longer be able to compete with free markets.”

China’s security law

The law came in response after China implemented a new security law to Hong Kong that allows Beijing to have more control over the partially independent region. Hong Kong has limited autonomy under the principle of “One Country, Two Systems” since it was handed over by the Great Britain on 1997, which make the coexistence of socialism and capitalism. With the new security law, this independence enjoyed by the region could be under stricter scrutiny from China, according to legal experts.

Blame Game

The US President also blamed China for “concealing the virus and unleashing it upon the world.” He further said that he does not intend to talk to People’s Republic of China’s President Xi Jinping. Last year, the two countries signed on a trade deal, which is yet to be seen if a phase two of the deal will occur.

The administration has been greatly criticized for Mr. Trump’s response in the health crisis. The country is still in the leading with the most number of people confirmed to have contracted the virus.

He has also been pressured to take a tougher stance against China’s enactment of the security law, which is believed to undermine the freedom in the region. Mr. Trump commented how Joe Biden, who will run for highest White House post opposite him in November, has done nothing but decide poorly on foreign decisions that only benefited China.

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